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Academic hub is located at 459 Hume Street in Collingwood.

Our smallest rural teaching site and most ‘rural’, Mount Forest is deep in Ontario’s farming located just south of the Bruce Peninsula on the beautiful Saugeen River in Ontario’s snow belt.

Community website:  Township of Wellington North

Key Stats

  • Preceptors: 5
  • CMG CaRMS Positions: 2
  • 28 bed hospital with catchment area of 15,000
  • 80 births per year and 12,000 ER visits per year


Dr. Chris Rowley
Site Lead

Lesley Rossit


Resident Perspective

“Mount Forest is a small town of 5,000 people situated one hour north of Guelph. Though it is a rural town, the short drive to Fergus and Guelph offer accessible medical resources and support for our patients when needed. Mount Forest is wonderfully unique, since the hospital and clinic serve not only the residents of the town but the surrounding area, including the Mennonite community. These features allow physicians and the health care team the opportunity to practice thoughtful clinical medicine, since most Mennonite patients are non-OHIP.

“Louise Marshall Hospital consists of a small ER, 16-17 hospital beds and two OB rooms. There is one OR that is open only for elective surgeries and an outpatient oncology suite used to administer chemotherapy treatments and monitor patients. Visiting specialties include general surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, ENT and gastroenterology.

“A typical work week can be quite busy, filled with 24-hour ER/call shifts, hospitalist rounds, procedures, clinic, nursing/retirement home visits and OR assists. Though OB is definitely a service the hospital offers, deliveries are not as frequent. There are seven family physicians who are incredibly supportive of one another and their medical learners. You have one main preceptor, but there are six others willing to pull you into a room to perform a procedure or observe a unique finding! Both preceptors in Mount Forest are excellent and continuously make learning a priority.

“There are four residents based out of Mount Forest (two in each year) however, your rotations do not often overlap, to allow enough learning opportunities for each learner. Usually, residents live in Mount Forest during their family medicine rotation (2-4 months at a time). All other off service rotations are located in Guelph and Kitchener. Every Wednesday residents are expected to attend Academic Day in KW. As you can imagine, rotations in different locations call for a lot of driving! Though you are not expected to drive through dangerous conditions, having a safe car with winter tires definitely alleviates some anxiety!”

“Living in a small town can feel isolating if you don’t make an effort to get involved in the community. Join the annual medical curling club, community gym, and attend festivals hosted by the town to alleviate this. Once you immerse yourself into the community, going to work, even on your continuity days back when off service will feel like home. Academic Wednesdays are also a great way to reconnect with your colleagues.”

“After only a year’s time, you will feel comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Mount Forest has a solid medical team but often you are stuck making difficult clinical decisions based on limited resources readily available to you. You will learn to rely on your clinical skills, utilize resources thoughtfully and work as a team to overcome barriers to patient care.”

McMaster University Department of Family MedicineMichael G. DeGroote School of Medicine